[IMDARC] 가우스 콜로퀴움 (11. 23 (금) 16:00-18:00)

by IMDARC posted Nov 12, 2018


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2018년 하반기 세 번째 가우스 콜로퀴움의 강연주제는 디지털포렌식입니다.


- 일시: 11월 23일 금요일 16:00-18:00

- 장소: 서울대학교 상산수리과학관 대강당 (129동 101호)


- 강연자: 안길준 전무 (Samsung Research / Arizona State University)

- 제목: Socio-metrics: Identifying Invisible Deviant Adversaries

- 초록: Over the past few years, the volume and frequency of new cyber threats and variants targeting both the private and the public sector have exploded and become critical concerns. A staggering number of cybercrimes that evade existing security measures have complicated workflows and involve multiple criminals and organizations. However, current threat analysis and intelligence discovery are performed piecemeal in an ad-hoc manner. For example, a modern malware analysis system can dissect a piece of malicious code by itself. But, it cannot automatically identify the criminals who developed it or relate cyber attack events with it. Consequently, it is imperative to automatically assemble the Jigsaw puzzles of a cybercrime by performing holistic threat intelligence analytics on data collected from heterogeneous sources, such as malware, underground social networks, cryptocurrency transaction records, etc. With this in mind, threat intelligence analytics (TIA) should be leveraged to consider all sorts of threat sources as a whole and perform collective analysis across different threat sources to discover meaningful knowledge and intelligence related to cybercrime events. The goal of TIA is to provide both the private and the public sector with a trusted platform, where they can safely share their collected threat evidence data through structured specification and protocols, and obtain multi-dimensional threat intelligence generated from TIA. This talk overviews TIA components that help orchestrate all pieces and the workflow of intelligence discovery.


- 강연자: 박현준 검사 (대검찰청 디지털수사과)

- 제목: 검찰에서의 디지털포렌식 활용사례

- 초록: 개관 10주년을 맞은 국가디지털포렌식센터(NDFC)와 대검 과학수사부, 디지털포렌식기술을 활용한 수사성공사례 등을 소개합니다.



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